Mini Led Lamp 9*2.5cm It’s recommended to cure fully in a big Led lamp Equipped with 9 LEDs, low power consumption but ultra-bright. Anti-slip design, easy and comfortable for you to hold. A great tool for nail art....
Our Scrub Brush is perfect for your client to use to wash their hands & nails before their service, and after finish filing to make sure their nails are completely dust-free before color application!
Display your Gel Polish, Color Gel or Colored Acrylic swatches in our high quality, hard case, magnetic closure color book. This book includes: 256PCS Color Book, 288 swatch tips & 2x Stickers #001-#288
Mini but mighty! Our 3W rechargeable Mini LED Light is perfect for bringing to nail art classes, flash curing your Clear as Mud Crystals into place, and more! *PLEASE NOTE: It is always recommended to do a final,...